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The House of Sports will provide an opportunity for every student, employee, as well as city resident to improve their quality of life by doing physical activities in a well-equipped environment.

The House of Sports will ensure communication and cooperation with sports and life science study programs, research centres, laboratories, Latvian sports federations, state ministries, Riga city schools and sports schools, involving them in solving current issues and developing the sports industry. The University will inform the public as soon as a decision is made on the implementation of this project. 

The goal of the project is the creation of a multifunctional sports complex to provide high-quality sports and active recreation opportunities for UL students, employees and residents of the immediate vicinity while promoting a healthy lifestyle and the development of sports science and sports studies.

1. An accessible sports and active recreation infrastructure will be provided to the students and employees of the UL, which will offer a wide range of services for improving health and well-being, while at the same time raising the competitiveness of the UL in the labour and education market.

2. A modern environment for the development of sports studies and sports science will be provided. The House of Sports and the adjacent academic potential will shape and develop the direction of sports science and its practical applicability for high-level athletes, students of sports schools and citizens.

3. Dual career development, therefore the university will be able to attract not only high-level athletes, but also capable and talented young people.

4. The sports house will solve the existing lack of sports infrastructure in Riga, Pārdaugava, for sports school training and neighbourhood school sports lessons, which will be able to take place in an appropriately equipped environment, as well as the residents of the neighbourhood will be offered opportunities for an active lifestyle.

5. The pool complex planned in the House of Sports will provide swimming lessons for all age groups.

6. New and existing study programs (sports and life sciences) will provide knowledgeable specialists.

7. UL employees and students will be offered a special loyalty program for the House of Sports services, encouraging the UL family to engage in physical activities.

The House of Sports will have several multifunctional halls that can be used for different sports. Students and employees will also have access to a large swimming pool and gym, accessible sports laboratories and a research centre.

The House of Sports will have:

  • Three sports halls of different capacities;
  • Aerobic halls;
  • Dance hall;
  • Sports laboratory;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Counter-current swimming pool;
  • Family zone;
  • Rehabilitation, physiotherapy and massage centre;
  • Fitness hall;
  • UL Sports history and achievements wall;
  • 100 m running track and other common areas.



Useful area, m2


Number of jobs


Number of visitors per day, on average


Total investment, EUR (without VAT)

40 million

Energy consumption, kWh

88 kWh/m2 per year