As part of the House of Palms renovation project, the orangery building built in 1971, together with other buildings of the botanical garden, will undergo renovation and energy efficiency improvement works to ensure its continued operation and increase its energy efficiency.


Promote the increase of energy efficiency in the UL building at Kandavas street 2, Riga, by renovating the House of Palms.


1. Energy efficiency will be increased in the LU building at Kandavas street 2, Riga.

2. High-quality, modern, functional, energy-efficient and safe objects will be built.

According to the results of the performed energy audit and the technical survey of the building, it is planned to implement the following energy efficiency improvement measures in the building:

1. Delimiting structures in the House of Palms: replacement of polycarbonate with a glass facade in the roof, installation of energy-efficient polycarbonate for external walls; dismantling or reconstruction of horizontal footbridges, preventing thermal bridges; dismantling and replacement of glass blocks on the west facade and sandwich panels on the east facade with a construction that meets modern requirements; renovation and rebuilding of the plinth of the building, creating vertical heat insulation 15 cm thick at least 50 cm below the ground level;

2. Engineering systems in the House of Palms: reconstruction of the heating system in the House of Palms, installation of blinds, installation of ventilation equipment.




Area, m2 


Costs, EUR 

0.86 MM. (incl.  221 722.5 ERAF financing and 39 127.5 from state financing) 

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