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In recent years, students' demands and needs for university accommodation have changed significantly: privacy and the need to live alone, private toilets and showers, as well as opportunities to relax, study or engage in a variety of activities with other students, are becoming increasingly important.

The House of Students and Guests project could address these needs - by building a new student hotel with 475 beds in the territory of the Academic Centre. It is planned to create a modern and pleasant environment in the house, taking an example from Western European universities. The University is currently working on financial and economic calculations for the project, exploring the possibility of implementing the project in a public-private partnership (PPP) model. The University will inform the public as soon as a decision is made on the implementation of this project.


The aim of the House of Students and Guests project is to build a service hotel in the territory of the UL Academic Centre, ensuring the environmental accessibility and a level of service that meets modern requirements.


1. The high level of service of the House of Students and Guests, the cozy and inclusive environment in the heart of the Academic Centre will be one of the reasons for foreign students and visiting lecturers to choose Latvia and the University of Latvia.

2. Master's and doctoral students make up the majority of the target audience of the House of Students and Guests, providing them with a wider choice in the rental market.

3. The environment of the House of Students and Guests will be suitable for students to cooperate and create innovations, enabling students not only to experience a full student life with a variety of events and activities, but also making a significant contribution to science, both from the service hotel apartment and nearby Houses of Nature, Science and Letters.

4. The House of Students and Guests will provide the sparsely populated part of Torņakalns between Torņakalns station and Kīleveina ditch with residents, stimulating not only the growth of University of Latvia, but also creating new opportunities for the private sector to develop new services, promoting Torņakalns development and a new center in Riga.

  • Single and double apartments with bathroom and kitchen;
  • Lounges;
  • Student Council Office and other student services;
  • Premises for a kiosk, small grocery store or cafe.





Useful area, m2


Number of jobs


Total investment, EUR (without VAT)


Energy consumption, kWh

88  kWh/m2 per year