The unit of the University of Latvia (UL) Administration - Academic Centre Development Programme (ACDP) manages and organizes the development of UL real estate in accordance with the UL Real Estate Development Plan and the UL ACDP implementation regulations.


Director of the Development Programme

Gunta Rača

Director of the Academic Centre Development Projects - Project Director (House of Letters; Renovation of the historical building of the UL)

Director of Complementary Development Projects - Chief Engineer

Einārs Holms

Director of Investment Attraction and Monitoring Projects

Assistant Director of the Development Programme - Project Manager (House of Students and Guests)

Media representatives are invited to contact Roberts Rostoks.


Project Director (House of Sports)

Project Manager (Healthcare study base PSCUH)

Engineer (ventilation-cooling systems construction engineer)

Engineer (electricity supply, etc. systems construction engineer)

Engineer (heating/water/sewerage systems construction engineer)