UL Academic Centre

The Academic Centre is a road to future that is being developed by the university. That already is and will be an environment for growth of talent, enterprise and collaboration. The Academic Centre is a guideline that is guiding Latvia towards excellence. It transforms scientific ideas into quality of life, mounts the next weave technology and economy development thus reclaiming Riga city’s place in Baltics as an innovation leader, which was lost hundred years ago.

“The development of the Academic Centre will allow the university to concentrate its study and reasearch activities and will enable effective and rational use of the infrastructure and human resources. The centre will give an impulse of development not only to the higher education in Latvia, but also to its economy, environment and culture. The overarching goal of studies and research should be the quality of life in the era of big data and digital society.” Indriķis Muižnieks, rector of the University of Latvia.

The University of Latvia continues its active work, developing the Academic Centre in Riga. The Academic Centre development programme’s projects are carried out in three stages. The first stage project – the House of Nature – opened its doors in 2015. The second stage includes construction of two buildings – the House of Science and the House of Letters. The House of Science entered the service in the January 2019, and at the moment design of the House of Letters is being developed as well as the construction service procurement is being processed.

The opening of the House of Letters is scheduled in 2023. At the moment realization of the second stage is being processed, but the third stage projects have their preliminary research finished.

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