University of Latvia within the framework of ERDF project no. “Modernization of the Infrastructure and Concentration of Resources of the University of Latvia STEM Study Areas" invests in the development of the study base of the Faculty of Medicine in Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital (PSCUH).

Adequate provision of premises at PSCUH is very important for the successful and high-quality implementation of the professional study programs of the Faculty of Medicine, without which the long-term development of the study field “Health Care” is unimaginable.

Renovation of the premises in the building of PSKUS that meet the requirements for the successful implementation of the study programs of the Faculty of Medicine.

Students of the study field "Health Care" will be provided with modern premises for the organization of the study process.

During the reconstruction of part of the PSKUS building, capital repairs of the building are envisaged, which include - renovation of roof structures, installation of a new tile roof, reconstruction of mezzanine floors, construction of new engineering systems (ventilation, heating, electricity, water supply and sewerage, low voltage systems, incl. fire extinguishing systems), complete interior repairs - new doors, new flooring, painting walls, ceilings. The project will also create infrastructure on the 1st floor for people with disabilities.

Indicators Data
Area, m2 1054
Costs, EUR (with VAT) 1,77 million (including 794 532 ERDF funding)