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The House of Technologies is planned to concentrate all the excellence of UL science, it will have modernly equipped laboratories, and it will act as a technology development and transfer centre.

Cooperation between researchers and the private sector is an essential prerequisite for the development of science. The House of Technologies will promote cooperation between researchers and potential commercializers of scientific achievements. The University will inform the public as soon as a decision is made on the implementation of this project. 

The purpose of the House of Technologies project is to create an infrastructure that ensures the commercialization of innovations created by the UL and its cooperation partners, the development of prototypes up to TLR6/7, and the active management of intellectual property.

1. A modern infrastructure will be created for the development of science, research and studies at the University of Latvia.

2. The concentration of different directions of science in one place will promote cooperation and create an opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research.

3. The House of Technologies will provide a point of contact between researchers and the private sector, promoting and supporting cooperation in the commercialization of research.

High Energy Particle Centre

The goal is to create an infrastructure to commercialize high-energy radiation research, support both existing radiation technology and the development of innovative technologies, and strengthen academia-industry partnership in the field of radiation science and technology.

Planned areas of activity:

  • Radiation testing;
  • Production of radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Analytical services;
  • Radiation sterilization;
  • Research.


Material mechanics and Prototyping Centre

The goal is to develop the research of composite materials for the needs of the aviation and space industry, the design and modelling of new materials, prototypes and production technologies.

Planned areas of activity:

  • Mathematical modelling;
  • Development of prototypes and production processes;
  • Material testing;
  • Research.


Life Sciences Centre

The goal is to ensure the development of new technologies and products in the field of life sciences, the development of cooperation with industry and the creation of start-ups. To create a material and technical base for the creation of new technologies, production systems and products and services in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Planned areas of activity:

  • Services in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Development of biotechnology production systems;
  • Research.


Technology Transfer Office

Planned areas of activity:

  • Process management;
  • Legal support;
  • Infrastructure maintenance, planning;
  • Certification and quality control;
  • IT support functions.
Indicators Data
Area, m2 7.7k
Number of storeys 2
Land area, m2 1.5k
Number of employees 50
Building costs, EUR (incl. VAT) 8.9 million
Equipment cost, EUR (incl. VAT) 36.2 million
Total investments 45.1 million
Energy consumption, kWh 120k
Annual maintenance costs, EUR 330k