What is the UL Academic Centre?

UL Academic Centre is one of the most modern university study and research complexes in Europe, where in a few years the majority of UL students will study and most structural units will be located.

Why the Academic Centre is necessary?

The idea of ​​the Academic Centre arose in 2004 while creating the development strategy of the UL, and the greatest benefit seen was the concentration of academics, scientists and students in various fields, which promotes involvement in science, provides a modern environment and opens up new opportunities for interdisciplinarity. Since the opening of the House of Nature and House of Science, the UL has improved its position in various international rankings, the volume and quality of research, the number of researchers' publications in prestigious scientific journals and their citation in "Web of Science" and "Scopus" international databases. The number of students at the UL has also increased since the opening of the House of Nature.

Is the Academic Centre profitable?

Compared to the historical location of the faculties and other structural units of the University of Latvia, the Academic Centre is being built from scratch, which allows concentration of the buildings and adaption of the premises to specific needs, providing more efficient property management.


What is currently in the Academic Centre?

Currently, we have built Houses of Nature and Science, which include:

  • Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences;

  • Faculty of Exact Sciences and Technologies.

Which faculties will be located in the Academic Center?

When the House of Letters is built, the Academic Centre will house almost all UL faculties:

  • Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences;

  • Faculty of Sciences and Technologies;

  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences;

  • Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology;

  • Faculty of Humanities.

Will UL keep the main building at 19 Raina boulevard?

Yes! The Faculty of Law, Administration and other structural units of the University will continue to be located there.


How will the Academic Centre improve the study and work environment?

The House of Nature and House of Science in the Academic Centre, as well as the House of Letters and the III stage buildings, are being built especially for the needs of the UL, and before construction, the needs of all “residents” are gathered so that the investment in infrastructure makes the greatest possible contribution to the implementation of studies and other processes. Compared to the historical buildings, the buildings of the Academic Centre have spacious reading rooms, open access work and study places, as well as several dining and recreation areas.

How will the Academic Centre improve the quality of studies and work?

The academic centre is characterized by a modern and well-thought-out environment, which is often a determinant of good work results. New, modern and appropriate equipment allows to ensure the quality of the study process and scientific activity.