In 2023, the University of Latvia attracted financing from the Latvian Environmental Investment Fund for the implementation of the project "Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the building of the University of Latvia at Raina boulevard 19, in Riga". Funding was granted within the framework of the open competition "Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Architectural Monuments of National Importance" for projects financed by the Emission Quota Auction Instrument. The total cost of the project is EUR 4,828,689.75, of which the Environmental Investment Fund has allocated EUR 3,368,176.71.

The building of the University of Latvia at Raina boulevard 19 is an architectural monument of national importance, and the building is also located in the territory of the "Historical Center of Riga" urban construction monument of national importance and UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. In the current situation, the building's enclosing structures have low thermal resistance, constructive wear and tear and increased air infiltration, resulting in CO2 emissions in the environment. 

The planned energy savings after the implementation of the project amounts to 284,148.0 kWh/year and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions – 52276 kgCO2/year 

The project is planned to be implemented until 2028. 


The aim of the project is to improve the energy efficiency of the building at Raina bulvāra 19 and preserve cultural and historical values.


Replacement and restoration of windows (including doors) in the historical appearance will allow to save heat energy consumption for heating, as well as restore the historical appearance of the building, while the restoration of the roof skylight will ensure higher energy efficiency and longevity of the structures. Insulating the attic will significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.

  • Restoration of the main entrance door;
  • Restoration of existing windows;
  • Installation of new window units;
  • Restoration of roof skylight;
  • Attic cover insulation;
  • Insulation of vertical attic structures;
  • Decorative decoration of the aisles.



Number of windows


Total area of the building, m2 


Area of windows, m2 


Area of the Great Hall window, m2 


Area of the attic, m2 


Current heating consumption, kWh/m2 a year


Planned heating consumption, kWh/m2 a year


Costs, EUR 

4,8 M