The Green University project is a horizontal project that combines various elements related to sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure development. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to implement solutions that will increase the energy independence of the University of Latvia. The territory of the Academic Centre will also be developed within the framework of the Green University project.

The Academic Centre will be based on the principles of the smart city: information and communication technology solutions (digital building management, smart operational management, access to information) will be used to achieve sustainability and efficiency objectives, covering both physical infrastructure and public and administrative infrastructure.

One of the elements of the project is smart mobility, which is intended to create the conditions for moving to and from the university to produce as few emissions as possible, while being convenient, safe and accessible to everyone. 

The goal of the Green University project is to build the infrastructure of the University of Latvia with responsibility towards the environment.

1. Renewable energy production blocks for reducing the costs of UL infrastructure maintenance.

2. Solutions that allow to save energy.

3. Reduced emissions.

4. An orderly and sustainable environment for the university family and visitors.

  • Electricity-producing solar panels in the Academic Centre and other UL properties;
  • Wind and ground heat energy collectors;
  • Building management systems;
  • Smart infrastructure management solutions;
  • Greening and landscaping in the territory of the Academic Centre;
  • Micromobility solutions in the territory of the Academic Centre and other UL properties.