Photo: Katrīna Annija Krūmiņa, UL

The event "Open! UL Academic Centre" organized by the University of Latvia attracted a record number of visitors over the weekend - about 400 people, said Roberts Rostoks, head of the UL Academic Centre development projects.

"Families with children, future students and other interested parties took the opportunity to explore what the House of Science and the House of Nature looks like from the inside, what the view of Riga looks like from the roofs of these houses, and how everyday life goes on in the important complex for studies, which we pass by so often," said UL Sports centre director Uģis Bisenieks.

During the tours, the visitors got to know the House of Science and the House of Nature, viewed the largest glass art object in Latvia, learned what the so-called "atrium" looks like and what it is, walked around the faculties and institutes located in the Academic Centre, looked into the corridors and auditoriums where new knowledge is acquired every day by UL students.

"Various activities for young and old were organized by the representatives of the UL Sports Centre. Those who like to observe the city from above had a special pleasure, because during the excursions they could get to the roofs of the buildings, from which there is a great view of Pārdaugava, Old Riga and also the construction of the new House of Letters," added R. Rostoks.

“The university is a part of society that brings together those who learn, those who teach, and those who seek ways to learn and grow together. Our families, children, friends, cooperation partners, neighbourhood residents and even ordinary passers-by - everyone interacts with the University and influences its growth plans," says UL Rector Professor Indriķis Muižnieks. "By inviting anyone interested to visit the Academic Centre, we want to introduce the new, stimulate reflection on the experience, and ideas for the future. Together we will build the University of the future."