In order to involve the academic and general staff of the University of Latvia in the development of the Academic Centre and to identify the wishes and needs in the creation of the future work environment, in 2019 a survey was conducted.

The survey consisted of open-ended questions, and each UL employee had the opportunity to express their vision of development opportunities in the territory of the Academic Centre, its interior and access to/from the Academic Centre. 243 LU employees submitted their proposals and ideas.

When asked what facilities, facilities and/or services would be needed in the territory of the Academic Centre, it was most often indicated that parking lots (85 times) and sports facilities (65 times) were needed in the territory of the Academic Centre. An important factor was a landscaped area equipped with bicycle and footpaths, an outdoor recreation area, outdoor auditoriums and art objects important to the university (54 times). Additional catering options, such as the establishment of grocery stores and kiosks, were mentioned 53 times. Suggestions such as a secure, covered bicycle shed (39 times), medical services (30 times), a student and guest lecturer hotel, household services, a point of sale (shop), an ATM, photocopying and printing services, etc. were also mentioned.

The question of what facilities and/or services would be needed indoors most often (62 times) mentions the provision of catering options - cafes, fast food restaurants, cafes with a more intimate environment and good coffee, as well as catering options for vegetarians and vegans. It is also offered to place an indoor gym, lounges, ATM, children's room, kiosks (for e-vouchers, food, stationery, fruit and vegetables), copying and printing services, access to drinking water. Proposals such as group work rooms, a library and shower areas are mentioned equally (14 times). The proposals also mention the need to equip the kitchen area, install air conditioners, introduce waste sorting containers, as well as provide medical assistance.

The question of the lack of opportunities to get to/from the Academic Centre basically points out that it is necessary to improve the public transport infrastructure (97 times). It is also pointed out the need to improve the pedestrian path, the condition of sidewalks, making safe and convenient access to/from Torņakalns station, to/from the public transport stop "Nacionālā bibliotēka" and to create a bridge over the Kīleveina ditch. This opinion has been expressed by respondents 89 times. Other opportunities that are lacking in connection with getting to/from the Academic Centre are the lack of bicycle paths and parking lots, the need for regular transport to / from Raina Boulevard 19, the possibility of bicycle and scooter rental services, the public transport stop with a roof.

In the question of what kind of public transport the respondents get to/from the Academic Centre, the most frequently mentioned is public transport, except for the 23rd bus (104 times). 53 times the answer is that the respondents get to the Academic Centre by car, while 46 times it is mentioned that by the 23rd bus. Train as the chosen means of transport to Academic Centre was mentioned 34 times, bicycle - 31 times, while the answer that respondents go to Academic Centre on foot was mentioned 19 times. Respondents most often indicated the need for well-thought-out public transport infrastructure and all types of access to the Academic Centre as additional proposals (38 times).