The aim of the project is a modern and comfortable living space that meets the requirements of students and guest lecturers. It is efficient and integral to the concept of the academic centre of UL. The house of Students and Guests combines two functionally related projects - the construction, equipping, maintenance and management of student dormitories for 1000 beds, as well as 30 furnished apartments for guest lecturers.

The survey and market research resulted in the creation of a programme of the facilities for the house of Students. It includes several types of rooms and apartments in different price categories. In order to attract students from different segments, the concept aligns the needs expressed by students with the costs of developing the house of Students. The layout of the building will be developed taking into account student expectations identified in the UL survey (area, level of privacy, etc.)

  • Twin room in multi-room apartment – 780 beds
  • Separate room in multi-room apartment – 120 beds
  • Private one room apartment – 100 beds
  • Guest apartments – 30
Indicators Data
Area, m2 16.7k
Number of storeys 7
Land area, m2 2.4k
Number of employees 7
Visitors a day 1200
Building costs, EUR (incl. VAT) 24M
Equipment cost, EUR (incl. VAT) 1.5M
Total investments 27M
Energy consumption, kWh 1400k
Annual maintenance costs, EUR 400k