The aim of the project is to create and equip a multifunctional sports complex in order to provide quality sports and active recreational facilities for students, employees of the University of Latvia as well as the residents of the local neighbourhood, while promoting healthy lifestyles in society and promoting the development of sports science.

The house of Sports will have a number of transformable halls that can be used for different sports. Students will also have a vast pool and gym. This complex will be available not only for the UL family, but also for the rest of the city.

“The house of Sports is a unique sports facility that will provide right conditions for active lifestyle for the UL students and employees, as well as the residents of Riga. It will provide the right conditions for professional teams and athletes, and will develop sports science study programmes with extensive rehabilitation and diagnosis opportunities for the population. The project includes two large halls for team sports, fitness and dance halls, pool, runway, gym and other sporting facilities, Director of UC Sports Centre, Head of the House of Sports preliminary research project Uģis Bisenieks.


  • Sport halls
  • Aerobics halls
  • Dance hall
  • Sports laboratory
  • Large pool
  • Small pool
  • Massage room
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dressing rooms
  • Sauna
  • Premises for judges
  • Doping testing room
  • Hall of fame
  • Common area
Indicators Data
Area, m2 11k
Number of storeys 2
Land area, m2 4k
Number of employees 30
Visitors a day 1.4k
Building costs, EUR (incl. VAT) 16M
Equipment cost, EUR (incl. VAT) 1.2M
Total investments 17.2M
Energy consumption, kWh 800k
Annual maintenance costs, EUR 390k