Name of auditorium


Number of seats


Magnum auditorium
Room No. 106

1st floor

300 seats

2 screens, 2 projectors, recording, video streaming and simultaneous translation equipment

Auditoriums Dextrum I and II
Rooms No. 109 and 108

1st floor

2x50 seats (can be combined in one larger auditorium)

Screen, projector, whiteboard. Mostly rented as an additional room to Magnum for coffee breaks and catering

Sinistrum auditorium 
Room No. 107

1st floor

100 seats

Screen, projector, whiteboard

Aeris auditorium
Room No. 702

7th floor

50 seats

Equipment: screen, projector, whiteboard. Beautiful view of the Latvian National Library and Old Riga.

Caelum auditorium
Room No. 701

7th floor

20 seats

Projector, whiteboard, multifunctional touch screen, built-in kitchen. Beautiful view of the Latvian National Library and Agenskalns.

Magnum, Aeris and Caelum auditoriums can be viewed remotely during the virtual tour.

The layout of the furniture in the auditoriums cannot be changed and the parking place can only be offered to the event organizers.

Due to ERDF co-financing conditions, the University of Latvia can only accept organization of the events related to science or studies.

For availability, inspection and other issues related to the premises please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:; phone +371 67033915 or mobile phone +371 22007153.