The opening of the House of Letters is expected in the second quarter of 2025. And like the House of Science, it is a part of the second stage of the development of the University of Latvia Academic Centre. Currently, the House of Letters is in the construction stage.

Rector of the University of Latvia, Indriķis Muižnieks: “Step by step, the next project of the Academic Centre of the University of Latvia is successfully moving towards the set goal. The already existing buildings - the House of Nature and  the House of Science - with a comfortable and pleasant environment for studies and research, are one of the most attractive higher education institutions in the Baltic region, and its potential will increase with each project implemented. With the opening of the House of Letters, most of the faculties of the University of Latvia will be located in one place, which will provide an opportunity to work and develop in cooperation and synergy, and allow Latvia's largest university to become even more attractive and competitive both locally and internationally."

The purpose of the House of Letters project is to implement the construction project of a new building for the humanities and social sciences in the Academic Centre of the UL.


1. The House of Letters is the most ambitious investment in humanities and social sciences since the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia.

2. The House of Letters will unite faculties and institutes together, allowing students to expand their horizons and collaborate interdisciplinary, promoting the synergy of study and research directions and the emergence of new discoveries.

3. The Academic Centre, including the House of Letters, will enable the introduction of more and more research and development-oriented technologies in Latvia, contributing in the long term to the training of a qualified workforce and positively influencing economic growth in the country as a whole.

When will the House of Letters be completed?

The opening of the House of Letters is expected in the second quarter of 2024.


How many floors will there be in the House of Letters?

The House of Letters will have 8 floors above ground level, as well as a basement.


Will additional bicycle parking spaces be built?

Yes. When The House of Letters will be put into use, 300 bicycle parking spaces will be built near it, half of which will be covered with a canopy.


Will there be a cafe in this building?

Yes. On the first floor of the building, there is a place for a cafe or a canteen, with a spacious and cozy open-type dining and relaxation area.


How will the House of Letters differ from the House of Nature and the House of Science?

This building will have a 500-seat auditorium, a meditation room, an exhibition hall, as well as 2 whole atriums, which will make the House of Letters different from other buildings.


Will copying services be available?

Yes. The UL library, which provides both copying and scanning services, will be located in the House of Letters.


Will there be free-access electrical outlets for charging smart devices?

Yes. Electrical outlets for charging smart devices will be available throughout the building, most often they will be found near the open-access reading room and open-access workplaces.


What will be on the roof?

In the II construction phase solar panels will be built on the roof. As part of construction phase I, a network connection to these panels will be established. There will also be 2 auditoriums on this same floor.

  • Faculty of Business, Management and Economics;
  • Faculty of Humanities;
  • Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art;
  • Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Faculty of Theology;
  • Faculty of History and Philosophy.
  • Institute of Philosophy and Sociology;
  • Latvian Language Institute;
  • Institute of Latvian History;
  • Cross-industry innovation center;
  • Business incubator;
  • Student council;
  • Radio Naba;
  • Library.
  • 500-seat auditorium;
  • 200 m2 gym;
  • Exhibition Hall;
  • Meditation room;
  • 2 atriums.



Useful area, m2


Land area, m2


Number of floors

Basement + 8

Number of jobs


Number of visitors per day, on average


Total investment, EUR (with VAT)


Energy consumption, kWh

106 kWh/m2 per year


Director of the Academic Centre Development Projects - Project Director