Health is the basis and prerequisite for the development of society and the country. The UL House of Health project envisages the creation of a study, science and research base in the field of outpatient services, which will create a synergy of treatment, pedagogy and science and promote the development of new treatment technologies.

The House of Health will have a social paediatrics centre, a centre of competence/excellence for general practitioners and a centre for sports science and medicine. The health centre will provide services to 28,000 clients - UL students and staff, and residents of the Torņakalns neighbourhood.

To create an ambulatory medical centre that would serve as a study, science and research base, as well as be able to provide high-quality, individualized approach-oriented (precision) health care throughout life.

1. The House of Health will provide infrastructure for the implementation of medical studies, allowing students to gain practical experience in providing outpatient medicine.

2. The basis for the development of medical science will promote the growth of research at the University of Latvia.

3. The availability of ambulatory medicine and health care focused on an individualized approach will improve the general health of society.

4. As part of the overall basket of services of the Academic Centre of the UL, the House of Health will also offer medical care services to students and employees of the UL, which will attract additional students, including foreign students.

  • Outpatient clinic block;
  • Block of specialized clinics;
  • Block of ambulatory consultation rooms, teaching and science;
  • Short-term inpatient block;
  • Manipulation block;
  • Sports Science block.
Indicators Data
Area, m2 6.3k
Number of storeys 2
Land area, m2 2.2k
Number of employees 40
Number of visitors per day, on average 450
Total investments, EUR 14.8 million
Energy consumption, kWh 88 kWh/m2 per year
Annual maintenance costs, EUR 480k