The aim of the project is to provide comprehensive and high-quality, personalised (precision) health care throughout life. Synergy of medical treatment, pedagogy and science, development of new medical technologies, development of centres for social pediatrics and family practitioners. It is intended to establish a study, science and research base in the field of ambulatory services. The health house will include the family doctors Competency/Excellency Centre and the Sports Science and Medicine Centre. The Health Centre will provide services to 28 000 customers (UL students and staff, residents of the Tornakalns neighborhood).

“It seems that we are looking for the answer to why health is important to people for over 2400 years when the Greek philosopher Sortes came to the idea that “health – it is not everything but without health – everything is nothing”. The health house is the investment of the University of Latvia in the context of this issue, starting to treat the disease until it has yet clinically manifested itself. This is particularly important for children, since any late-treated disease threatens their development. Both students and city residents will be able to receive services in the house of Health.” Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, professor Valdis Folkmanis

  • Outpatient clinic block
  • Group of specialised clinics
  • Outpatient counselling cabinet, training and science block
  • Short-term stationary unit
  • Manipulating block
  • Sports Science unit

The core tasks of the Sports Science Centre include conducting clinical studies in the fields of sport science, based on survey of sample groups, assessment of individualised health status, development of recommendations for the inclusion of physical activities in the medical process.

The centre shall consist of three laboratories:

  • Neuromuscular function laboratory
  • Laboratory for assessment of cardiorespiratory functions and metabolism
  • Laboratory for Environmental Impact Health Studies
Indicators Data
Area, m2 6.3k
Number of storeys 2
Land area, m2 2.2k
Number of employees 40
Visitors a day 450
Total investments, EUR 14.8M
Energy consumption, kWh 88 kWh/m2 per year
Annual maintenance costs, EUR 480k


Reinis Rotkalis