The aim of the project is to build an UL Academic Centre with respect and responsibility for the environment. 

The realisation of the idea of the Green University is based on 3 priority directions: 

  • use of renewable energy ;
  • the construction of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings;
  • elements of the smart city, including smart mobility.

The UL Academic Centre uses diverse renewable energy capabilities. A significant part of the rooftop area of the buildings of the Academic Centre will be occupied by solar panels, we also look at the possibility of using innovative hybrid renewable energy technologies such as vertical low power wind generators created in Latvia. With the opportunities provided by the latest technologies, buildings in the Academic Center will have even higher energy efficiency.

The House of Science has build-in thermal pumps that are intended to be combined with heat pumps and active cooling kits, thus using renewable natural heat to heat, transforming it into the cold in the summer and saving the energy consumed for buildings venting. Similar solutions will also be used in the House of Letters and other future Academic Center projects. In addition, working on Stage III development projects of the UL Academic Centre we also look at various other possible solutions offered by recent technological developments, such as recovery of waste water heat, hydrogen technologies, etc.

One of the essential elements of a smart city is smart mobility, which means creating conditions for movement to produce as little emissions as possible, while at the same time it is convenient, safe and accessible to everyone. In the area of the UL Academic Centre mobility solutions are gradually being introduced in order to make the visitor choose as a priority public transport or to move with a bicycle or an electric scooter to and from studies or work.

Together with the cooperation partners - local government and urban planning experts, we are looking for the best solutions to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to reach the Academic centre.