In September 2013, UL signed a contract for the construction of the House of Nature, and it was opened in September 2015. As co-financing, funds from EU structural funds ERDF were attracted. The total cost of the project was 36 million EUR with VAT.

The House of Nature building is designed to create equal opportunities for every user of the building. Preconditions have been met to ensure that each individual has independent mobility, access to the object, provision of basic needs and the ability to independently perform the intended activity and receive services.

The creation of the House of Nature created an opportunity to optimize management costs, as several structural units are concentrated together, which are provided with unified services.

UL House of Nature
Jelgavas iela 1
Riga, LV-1004


Student Information Centre


Room No. 224

Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences (FGES):, Tel. (+371) 67033910

Faculty of Biology (FB), Faculty of Chemistry (FC):, Tel. (+371) 67033920

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, Department of Optometry and Vision Science:, Tel. (+371) 67033940

Student Councils

Room No. 221, FGES

Room No. 220, FB

Room No. 219, FC

Library of Natural Sciences 
For the students and academic staff of the University of Latvia library is available 24/7, for the guests 8-22
Librarian is available on business days 10-18; Tel. (+371) 67033933, Tel. (+371) 22023096
Questions, suggestions to the House of Nature administration

Questions, suggestions to the caterer; Tel. (+371) 25618245


Rent of premises; Tel. 67033915

Technical problems, house manager

Room No. 231,
Tel.(+371) 25667335


Tel. (+371) 67033930

  • Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences;
  • Faculty of Chemistry;
  • Faculty of Biology;
  • Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology;
  • Institute of Chemical Physics.

Also students from the Department of Optometry and Visual Science of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics as well as students of the Pharmacy Bachelor and Master programs of the Faculty of Medicine are studying in the Nature House.

Lessons of the University of Latvia School of young chemists, School of young geographers of Egils Birznieks and the School of young biologists are also held in The House of Nature.

Indicators Data
Useful area, m2 18.5k
Number of auditoriums 30
Number of student training laboratory rooms 45
Number of research laboratory rooms 69
Total investment, EUR (with VAT) 36M