In 2021, an analysis of the quality of the accommodation service of the UL student hotel was carried out and it indicates that the infrastructure of the existing UL student hotels is outdated and does not provide students with the increasingly important requirement of privacy in the living space.

Therefore, a development project for the existing service hotels of the UL was developed, which envisages investing 6.3 million EUR by 2028 in the renovation of student hotels on Tālivalža street 1b, Mazā Lubānas street 11 and Buļļu street 5, making them suitable, attractive for students in terms of living and rent, thus increasing the workload and more efficient management, which would ensure the return on investment and the financial resources necessary for infrastructure renovation in the long term .

To carry out the renovation of the existing service hotels of the UL, in accordance with the needs of students, promoting the quality of the accommodation service and providing support services for study and scientific activities.


The existing student hotels of the UL will become more attractive to students, which will increase the workload of the existing student hotels and allow for more efficient management.




Area, m2 

24 K. 

Number of rooms 


Number of beds


Costs, EUR 

6.3 MM 

Project Manager

Einārs Holms