The aim is the renovation and improvement of the infrastructure of the National Scientific Platform FOTONIKA-LV in order to provide a modern working environment and conditions for the use of experimental facilities and observatories for basic and applied research.

It is planned to implement the project Quantum & Space in three different locations by renovation and modernisation of facilities and without disrupting scientific activity:

  • Improvement and refurbishment of the National Scientific platform FOTONIKA-LV building in Šķūņu street 4;
  • Renovation and improvement of the site of the astronomy Observatory UL Botanical Gardens;
  • Renovation and improvement of the site of the astrophysics observatory in Baldonne
Indicators Data
Area, m2 4.3k
Land area, m2 -
Number of employees 70
Visitors a day -
Building costs, EUR (incl. VAT) 1.3M
Equipment cost, EUR (incl. VAT) 170k
Energy consumption, kWh -
Annual maintenance costs, EUR 33k