At the end of 2017, work on Stage III projects of the Academic Centre Development Programme – Technology Transfer Centre, Sports complex and Student dormitories – is launched. In October 2017, talks with the Riga city council and the Riga Health Centre crystallised the idea of creating a joint outpatient care Excellency Centre and a research base for developing new medical technologies. As early as November 2017, these development ideas are being presented by UL to experts from the European Investment Bank (EIB). In assessing the innovation potential and benefits of UL to the public after the projects were carried out, the EIB offers UL consultative support for the structuring and feasibility studies of Stage III projects, including technical assistance in the form of financing.

On 26 March 2018, UL and the EIB sign a cooperation agreement on feasibility studies for Stage III projects of the Academic Centre development programme, in accordance with which, within 20 months, the EIB and UL teams jointly carry out market research and prepare project business plans and the necessary documents for project execution. In August 2018, a feasibility study on Stage III projects for the development programme of the Academic Centre is launched.

The development program of the Academic Centre of the University of Latvia includes the preparation of several development projects.

Academic Centre Development Programme projects:

  • House of Health – outpatient care, study and research complex, including the family doctors Competency Centre and the Sports Science Centre;
  • House of Technologies – Life Science, Material Sciences and High Energy Radiation Technology Centre;
  • House of Sports – sports complex, sports science and functional medical centre;
  • House of Students and Guests – student dormitories and social support infrastructure, apartments for employees, guest lecturers and guest researchers.

Complementary Development projects: