House of Nature is designed to ensure equal opportunities for every member of society to use it and receive the required services. The preconditions have been observed to ensure the possibility of independent movement of each individual, access to the object, provision of basic needs and the possibility to independently perform the intended activity and receive services.

  • 10 parking places for disabled people;
  • There are special places for people in wheelchairs in Magnum auditorium;
  • Vertical movement between floors is provided by 3 lifts;
  • In the panoramic elevators the floor numbers are announced in Latvian, the Braille signs are provided on the floor buttons;
  • Stairways have first and last steps marked with contrasting colour;
  • There are also other environmental accessibility solutions provided in the building, such as: wheelchair-accessible door width and sink height, alarm buttons in toilets.

The Academic Centre’s environmental accessibility solutions were highly appreciated by the association of disabled people “Apeirons” awarding the “Golden Crutch” award in 2015 for the most humane building of the year.